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Application Portal for Martin Methodist College

While you may not have heard from us recently, we’ve been working on a variety of projects behind the scenes. One recent completion was for Martin Methodist College in Pulaski, Tennessee.

They had been using the standard CAMS Enterprise application portal, but it just wasn’t doing everything they needed. It uses classic ASP and is difficult to modify. Plus, when an update is released, someone would have to merge the code. This is very time consuming and introduces risk.

MMC’s goal was to collect more application data, reorganize the application fields, and enable students to apply for college from their mobile device. It needed to integrate directly with the CAMS Enterprise ERP system so they wouldn’t have to manually move data when a student submitted their application.

We ended up creating a custom application portal written in Angular and .NET Core. The portal is configurable. We can add and remove fields in the back end via configuration values, and customize the front end to consume those fields however we like. We can do this without having to jump into the .NET code for every field change. This means we could stand up another similar portal, but customize the UI and map it to different fields and tables in the database.

After completing version 1.0, we integrated their CRM solution so that applicant data would be transferred automatically. This saves time and eliminates potential mistakes from hand entering data.

Are you interested in something similar? If so, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help!

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