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I was recently notified that I was quoted for an article on Rasmussen.edu titled 8 Best Technology Jobs for Business-Savvy Professionals! Rasmussen College operates 22 college campuses across 6 different states, as well as having online courses. One of the questions asked was “In your opinion, which technology careers would a business background be most Read more about Quoted on Rasmussen.edu[…]

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WhiteHat Security Certified Secure Developers

After several hours of webinars and coursework, we are happy to announce that Josh and Adam are now WhiteHat Security Certified Secure Developers. Overall, we learned that we generally tend to ¬†implement secure practices in our code already. A lot of that probably has to do with our years of experience in the software development Read more about WhiteHat Security Certified Secure Developers[…]