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eForms – Electronic Forms and Workflows

What are Electronic Forms or eForms?

The eForms software was developed by Adro Solutions as a way to create electronic forms with simple workflows. It automates the gathering of approvals, instructs users on tasks to complete, and integrates data across various systems. We wants to remove the need for paper shuffling and lost documents.

Why eForms?

Track the progress of forms, use less paper with electronic documents, timestamps on every action, and customizable forms and workflows to name a few. On top of that, our users influence the direction of the product by helping to decide what features we make next.

How flexible is eForms?

It’s flexibility comes from our approach, where we work directly with our users to prioritize and develop the features most important to them, for the benefit of all users of eForms. The eForms software currently integrates with CAMS Enterprise and is made available through the student and faculty portals. It was built in a way that we could easily integrate it with any system that allows for it.

What have we been working on?

You can view the latest release notes here: Release Notes

For questions about eForms, please Contact Us.