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eForms v1.2 Release Notes

The following enhancements and fixes have been implemented in version 1.2 of the eForms electronic forms and workflow software.

  • Addition of a Read Only Administrator Lookup group. Users in this group can use the Admin Lookup screen to search for and view forms, but not take action, reprocess, or skip tasks.
  • Move the admin screens to use the whole page instead of being in modal windows. This allows for better viewing and the ability to put more information onto the page.
  • The form and workflows are now more tightly integrated together into one administration screen. This is the start of tighter links between the two so tasks can be executed conditionally based on form field values and additional fields can be tied to specific tasks for later entry.
  • Integrated tasks will now be skipped if no one is returned from the integration to approve or mark the task complete.
  • Made the Instructions in the Take Action screen accept HTML formatting.
  • Added the ability to view archived forms in the admin screens, but do not allow editing.
  • Made an update to allow HTML formatting in the form description.
  • Made it so print outs show the text option for a drop down or radio button field instead of the value.
  • Added Notes entered when a task is completed to be visible when a user views or prints a form.
  • Hid the callout fields in the print out.
  • Updated the Edit Form screen so that integrated options will properly hide the Delete option so they can’t be removed and show help text when loading an existing form. This was working properly when a new form was created, but not when opening an existing form.
  • Displayed the version number and status of forms and workflows where necessary in the administrative screens.
  • Put a limit on the length of the text and value inputs for the field options on the radio button and drop down list fields. When entries were greater than 50 characters, an error would occur.
  • Fixed an issue where the callout field wasn’t properly reselecting the proper type of callout when the form is opened back up.
  • Fixed an issue where a field with the required option would show an error and keep a form from being submitted if a value wasn’t entered, even if the field was not required.
  • Fixed an issue where a form with a non required radio button or drop down list field would show an error and keep a form from being submitted if a value wasn’t selected.
  • Fixed an issue where when a task in the workflow was skipped, but the entire workflow was completed, the Form Completed step would not show the completed green color and completed icon.

eForms Software

The eForms software was developed by Adro Solutions as a solution for creating electronic forms with supporting workflows in order to automate the gathering of approvals, instruct users on tasks to complete, and integrate data in various systems. It’s flexibility comes from our approach, where we work directly with our users to prioritize and develop the features most important to them, for the benefit of all users of eForms. The eForms software current integrates with CAMS Enterprise and is made accessible through the student and faculty portals. For questions about eForms, please use the Contact Us link below.

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