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eForms v1.4 Release Notes

The following enhancements have been implemented in version 1.4 of the eForms electronic forms and workflow software.

  • Email notifications can now be customized with data entered from the form.
  • The list of available forms for a user are now sorted alphabetically.
  • A progress bar has been added to the top of the View Form page so when a user views an in-progress form, they have an idea as to how far along it is and how much further it has to go until completion.
  • When a user is filling out a form, the field name has been made wider and the place that the user enters or selects a value has been made narrower. This was done because the field names entered were becoming longer than expected.
  • Groups can now be deleted on the group admin screen. If the group has been used in a workflow, it cannot be deleted.
  • Added loading indicator when approving, rejecting, or marking a task complete to prevent double submission of task.
  • FIXED: When multiple radio buttons fields were on a form, and the user selected a value in one field and then selected a value for another field, it removed the selection from the previous field.
  • FIXED: Field values were being validated even when a field wasn’t required and a value wasn’t entered. This also would not allow a task to be rejected if it had fields on the form.
  • FIXED: Values in date fields should show up correctly when being viewed, sometimes a default date or placeholder text was being shown.
  • Clean up:
    • Dependent software packages for the application have been updated to the latest version.
    • Old admin workflow list screen has been removed.

eForms Software

The eForms software was developed by Adro Solutions as a solution for creating electronic forms with supporting workflows in order to automate the gathering of approvals, instruct users on tasks to complete, and integrate data in various systems. It’s flexibility comes from our approach, where we work directly with our users to prioritize and develop the features most important to them, for the benefit of all users of eForms. The eForms software current integrates with CAMS Enterprise through the student and faculty portals, but can integrate with other software packages if desired. For questions about eForms, please use the Contact Us link below.

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