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eForms v1.5 Release Notes

The following enhancements have been implemented in version 1.5 of the eForms electronic forms and workflow software.

  • NEW: Basic Analytics have been added to the Admin menu.
    • View number of Completions or Submissions for selected forms and date range, in weekly and monthly roll ups.
    • Data is viewable in table or graph view.
    • Data can be exported to CSV from the table view.
    • Additional options can be added later in order of visualize different types of data.
  • Added icons to the administrator left hand menu.
  • Sort Completed and In Progress tables in descending order so users can see their most recently submitted forms first.
  • FIXED: In the Admin Form screen, when a user chooses a task where a group needs to be selected and then saves the form and opens the form back up again, it doesn’t select the group in the drop down again even though it’s saved to the database. This has been corrected to properly display the selected item in the drop down.
  • Cleanup
    • Remove Help pages to make the deployment package smaller.
    • Updated Angular Bootstrap references to replace deprecated tags.

eForms Software

The eForms software was developed by Adro Solutions as a solution for creating electronic forms with supporting workflows in order to automate the gathering of approvals, instruct users on tasks to complete, and integrate data in various systems. It’s flexibility comes from our approach, where we work directly with our users to prioritize and develop the features most important to them, for the benefit of all users of eForms. The eForms software current integrates with CAMS Enterprise through the student and faculty portals, but can integrate with other software packages if desired. For questions about eForms, please use the Contact Us link below.

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