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SumTotal/CE Broker Integration

We love helping clients in any way that we can. Recently, we completely an integration for a client who needed to get their SumTotal course completion information to CE Broker. The previous integration required database access to pull its data, which was no longer possible due to changes made by SumTotal. To replace it, we created a basic application that would take the results of a SumTotal report CSV file, convert it to the necessary XML format, and send it to the CE Broker API.

There were multiple ways this integration could be solved, but we found this approach to be efficient, affordable, and easy to deploy. In addition to transmitting and verifying the data was processed by CE Broker, we also logged every action the application performed. That included the response data from CE Broker. This gives the client the ability to check for rejected records and determine why they were rejected.

The client was going to run it with Windows Task Scheduler, but it was written in such a way that we could easily schedule it to run in Microsoft Azure so it didn’t need to be deployed in their server environment. We also could have integrated it even further to pull the file directly from SumTotal’s FTP server, but that was going to be handled by a separate process.

If you’ve got two separate systems you’d like to communicate with one another, you need to integrate them. Have you run into a situation where you thought “this would be so much easier if…”? If so, contact us and we’ll be happy to help!

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