Campus Safety Pro Case Management Software

We love working with higher education institutions to help them solve complex problems. Colleges and universities are unique. The issues they face are not always the same as in the business world. Any opportunity we get to use our skills to help in the higher education space, we go for it. Introducing Campus Safety Pro Read more about Campus Safety Pro Case Management Software[…]

ROI Calculator

We came across a project recently through LinkedIn to convert an existing ROI calculator on Mettler-Toledo’s web site for a different product division. Our client had a good idea of what they wanted it to do, they just weren’t sure how to take what they already had and make a new calculator out of it. After a brief Read more about ROI Calculator[…]

Excel Worksheet

Creating PDF Reports using Excel

What do you do when you’ve got a bunch of tabular data and need each record converted into a separate PDF file? Surprisingly, you can use Excel to do that. Why? We have a client who was receiving data from an external vendor and needed to convert the table of data into separate PDF report files Read more about Creating PDF Reports using Excel[…]

Document Tracking Mass Uploads

How do you get a bunch of PDF documents uploaded to a database quickly and easily? Contact us of course! We recently had a customer who had a need to upload a large number of PDF documents into a SQL Server database. We devised a simple console application that they could pass a few parameters to Read more about Document Tracking Mass Uploads[…]

Quick solution to a data import problem

Populating data in your CAMS database can be a challenging task, especially when there are several different sources to pull from. It isn’t impossible though and shouldn’t keep you from keeping your data up-to-date. We were recently presented with a need from a college to import a file of over 39,000 high schools from The College Read more about Quick solution to a data import problem[…]

Converting a manual process to an automated one

I recently completed project was for a CAMS college that wanted to automate the inputting of faculty contracts into CAMS Enterprise. It used to be a process where someone would have to manually calculate the contract amount and enter in the courses an instructor would be teaching. I ended up writing a couple of SQL stored Read more about Converting a manual process to an automated one[…]